Hot Links: Meredith Whitney, John Quincy Adams and Hitler's Stocks


Stuff I’m Reading this Morning…

John Hempton uncovers a fraud.  How long will it take the SEC to shut this stock down?  (BronteCapital)

Retailers facing the worst back-to-school shopping season in more than ten years.  (NYT)

What restaurants did the Madoffs ring up the biggest bills at?  (Clusterstock)

David Merkel takes on 10 Unsolved Problems of the Global Economy.  (AlephBlog)

You wouldn’t want to be Hitler‘s broker…watch his cronies tell him they sold all his stocks in February, right before the rally…LOL.  (InvestmentPostcards)

Meredith Whitney just bought a broker/dealer.  Welcome to the club.  (Reuters)

8 cities that might become abandoned, including Venice and St. Louis.  (WebUrbanist)

Blood banks suffering from the recession.  (USAToday)

Now you can follow John Quincy Adams on Twitter.  (HistoryBlog)