Hot Links: Ritholtz v Carney, Kneale v ZeroHedge, Chinese v Amish


Hot Links for Weekend Reading…

There were two big rivalries this week, so we’ll cover those first…

First, Barry Ritholtz threw down the gauntlet over John Carney‘s (Clusterstock) contention that the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) was a major contributor to the housing and credit meltdown.  Barry offered to debate for a cash prize of up to $100,000 but Carney demurred for financial reasons.  (The Big Picture) and (Clusterstock)

The other big rivalry this week was set off when CNBC’s Dennis Kneale called out ZeroHedge and Dealbreaker, referring to them as pond scum and cowards.  The reaction was…well, you go see for yourself.  (ZeroHedge) and (Dealbreaker)

My buddies at LOLFed have the skinny on the conspicuous consumption of the Amish.  (LOLFed)

The Freakonomics Blog at the New York Times site had a fascinating theory on why the Chinese savings rate is so high (too many young men competing for too few available young brides).  (Freakonomics)