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NYSE Margin Debt Falls

It’s funny when there’s a notable monthly drop in margin debt because it is usually an involuntary drop driven by market conditions or even redemptions. I get to laugh now as someone who spent a lot of my twenties on the receiving end of margin calls for speculative client accounts. Very glad to be out…

Jeremy Siegel on The New Economy….of 1950!

The more you study history, the more you realize that we are endlessly repeating the same cycle dynamics again and again – with only the characters and scenery changing. Since the end of World War II, America has been obsessed with the future – look no further than Disney’s Tomorrowland theme park or the explosion…

"Apple doesn't really mean a thing to this town"

“Here in this once-thriving town of furniture makers and textile mills, where Main Street businesses have vanished, nearby fast-food joints have closed and unemployment is rampant, government officials have lined up behind a flashy digital answer to all the heartache: The cloud.”

The Song Remains the Same

Al Swearengen had a word for the type of retail investors who dove headfirst into the silver trade at the last minute this spring. He would call people like them “the Hoopleheads”.


We have lost our market leaders this spring one by one, we’ve seen the indexes fall into a listless submission…