Michael Shedlock Talks Jobs with Aaron Task

Here’s a quickie from Tech Ticker that presents a very sobering view on how persistent a 10% plus unemployment rate could be according to Michael “Mish” Shedlock… Source: Mish: Nov Jobs Report Looked Fabricated (Yahoo)

Hot Links: Stuntmen

Stuff I’m Reading this Morning… Sorkin: Desire to pay back TARP is all about compensation.  (DealBook) Carl Icahn to Goldman Sachs: “I’ll see you in court.”  (Forbes) 103 people killed in a Baghdad bomb blast yesterday.  (NYP) China executes a rogue securities trader.  Pay attention out there in Hedgistan.  (Clusterstock) Jeremy Glaser: 6 stocks to…

Bespoke's 2009 Commodity Scoreboard

The boys over at Bespoke Investment Group (aka The Notorious B.I.G.) just put up a look at how 10 major commodities have done so far in 2009.  Copper For The Win! Sources: Commodity Snapshot (BIG)

Interview With Elliot Q. Wave, Technical Analyst Extraordinaire

I’ve spent the greater part of 11 months ripping sell-side fundamental analysts to shreds on this site for their slavish dependence on discounted cash flow analysis.  Today, I thought I thought it would be nice to visit with my old friend Elliot Wave, technical analyst extraordinaire, to ask some basic questions about how he sees…

The Rally Apologista's Handbook

I hear and read the same scary statistics every day just like everyone else. But the quote screen doesn’t lie. So I apologize for staying in the game and these are my excuses.

Hot Links: Tiger's 99 Problems

from We Love Data Vis Stuff I’m Reading this Morning… The gold correction that began last week seems to be continuing.  (MarketBeat) Credit Suisse joins Morgan Stanley in predicting a sucky 2010 for stocks.  (PragCap) An epic list of big commercial real estate projects that look to be the “next shoes to drop”.  (ZeroHedge) Treasury…

Santa Claus Rally: Preparing My Dumpster-Diving Stock List

This post will be 99% anecdotal, 1% empirical, because I haven’t the time or energy to go dig up supporting data for what we all know:  Most years, the market rips higher during the week between Christmas and New Year’s Eve and this one week run is commonly referred to as The Santa Claus Rally….