Some stuff you should know about Greece before you lose your s***

Welcome to year five (or year 2600, depending on your chosen starting point) of the Greek financial crisis. Some things worth keeping in mind: 1. Greece invented finance. It was the starting point of currency and “movable” wealth. It was the birthplace of banking, personal loans, securitized lending, real estate loans, credit-based trade, endowment investing, capital…

Investing is Emotional

The S&P 500 is up 167% in the past five years, including dividends.

It could easily be one of the best five-year investing periods you will ever experience.

Topics for the Ritholtz Wealth Management Client Conference Call

On June 30th, my investment firm will be holding its Q2 client conference call. Because we’ve got a clientele that spans the entire country, we’ve found that holding a call during which we address important topics and take questions from our investors is a really effective way to communicate. In the weeks leading up to…

Some Jurassic Reminders

I took the kids to see Jurassic World last weekend and I absolutely flipped for the movie, it was so good on so many levels. I also took a few lessons / reminders away from the film about investing that I thought were interesting. I wrote it up for Fortune and it just hit the…


Derek Thompson has really outdone himself with his long-form story on the possibility a post-work economy.