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‘Interstellar’ full trailer hits!

Director Chris Nolan (Memento, the last Batman trilogy) premiered the full trailer for his upcoming Interstellar at Comic-Con this past week and the nerds went ballistic for it. In the last few hours its begun to surface online. The film comes out in November, looks pretty intense.

Vanguard on the Myth of the Stock Picker’s Market

You’re hearing a lot this summer about how there is more opportunity for active stock pickers right now because of factors like dispersion and falling correlation. Vanguard’s Jim Rowley explains why this is a fallacy and how today is no better or worse than any other period of time for stock pickers in the aggregate:…

Willie Nelson’s 48th Album

Today Willie Nelson releases his 48th full-length album, Band of Brothers, comprised almost entirely of original songs. Willie’s 81 years old and has been at it for more than six decades now. His last two records were both incredible – Heroes was loaded with great covers while To All The Girls… reprised some of his…