Joshua M Brown

Living Fifteen Minutes in the Future

(The Harbor Beach Marriott, not bad as far as views go.) Living Fifteen Minutes in the Future is a term I learned from Howard Lindzon to describe his circle of VCs and angel investors and I think there’s a version of this happening in the FinTech world that’s really exciting to be a part of….

The Best Hedge There Is

Vol trading is for professional traders. Everyone else should be taking the right amount of risk so that vol isn’t a potentially destructive issue. 

Dow Drawdowns

At the lows today, the Dow Jones Industrial Average saw it’s biggest intraday point decline in history (back to 1900). At the close, with the Dow down 4.6%, or 1175 points, it was only the 108th worst percentage drop in history. The last time we had a Dow drawdown this big in a single day…