February 2014

Howard Marks: Angels and Devils

New all-time highs for the S&P 500 today combined with major trepidation over whether the good times can continue. A fitting quote from a new Howard Marks interview to end the week on, courtesy of Tyler: If I ask you what’s the risk in investing, you would answer the risk of losing money. But there…

The New Wolf of Wall Street is You

Jeff and I did a Fact vs Fiction video yesterday for Yahoo’s Breakout show on The Wolf of Wall Street. He asked whether or not there are still any Wolves on The Street churning people’s accounts up and here’s what I told him: The Wolf of Wall Street: Fact vs. Fiction (Yahoo Finance)  

Everything is Awesome!

  You know what the twentysomethings in Manhattan are into these days? Drunk Brunch. True story. They go out on Saturday night to pre-game for the next morning, wake up half-drunk then start banging vodka drinks at 10 am while a DJ blasts oonce-oonce music and brioche french toast comes flying out of the restaurant’s…

Froth IRA

Investors are acting like lunatics in certain pockets of the stock market – but who am I to judge? This morning I chatted about this return of ultra-confidence with Jeff Macke at Yahoo’s Breakout. Video here: Tesla zooming as market climax nears (Yahoo Finance) Read Also: This is nuts. When’s the crash? (FTAlphaville)