SNV: Bob Marley’s Legend – The Electronic Remix

Tonight on Saturday Night Video – it’s Bob Marley like you’ve never heard him before…

The Legend Remixed album finally came out on Tuesday of this week  and I am absolutely loving it. Today’s hottest electronic dance music and remix DJs worked with producers (and Bob’s sons) Ziggy and Stephen Marley to take one of the greatest albums of all time in a fresh new direction. It’s not that Legend can ever be improved upon (it cannot) – it’s that there are nuances to these songs that can be brought out in different ways in the hands of modern musicians which give them a whole new life.

In particular, I’m partial to the Jason Bentley treatment of ‘Three Little Birds’. The Pretty Lights remix of ‘Exodus’ is also sick.

Check out the trailer and a quick behind the scenes video:

Here’s the Making Of for the aforementioned ‘Three Little Birds’ track:

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