June 2013

“one hell of a wake up call, but it’s not the real thing”

The market is still digesting the once-in-a-generation move in bond yields we’ve seen this spring. Consider the below anecdote from the latest weekend notes by Eric Peters – Josh *** Anecdote: “It’s a wake up call,” he said, calm, relaxed, alert. “A fire drill,” continued the market’s top volatility trader. You see, all this tapering talk…

“nothing to stop them from overthrowing everything”

Have the two main political parties in America essentially agreed to a puppet show of sorts – in which there is disagreement in the eyes of the public but complete harmony behind the scenes as far as holding on to power? What becomes of a society once her opposing factions have decided that maintaining control…

SNV: Danny Trejo Sings

Welcome to Saturday Night Video… You know Danny Trejo from such films as Machete, Heat, Grindhouse, From Duck Til Dawn, Con Air and a few dozen other tough guy roles in some of the greatest action films ever made. And now you’re gonna love the guy even more…this week’s hottest viral video below, enjoy!

The Week on TRB

Here were the most read posts on TRB this week, in case you missed them: Why Behavior is Half the Battle So who bought the dip?  The Mother of All Failed Moves? Portfolio Managers Face Their Kobayashi Maru Greatest. Research Note. Ever.

Everything you need to know about the Risk Parity perfect storm

I have nothing to add on to the wonderfully in-depth look Tadas does on the Risk Parity “perfect storm” we’ve seen occur this past month. Once again, we humans have latched on an investing trend because it seemed to carry the Holy Grail – gains without pain. “This is how Dalio does it, of course…