Who’s better than Ezra?

Ezra Klein is a reporter at the Washington Post and he’s been covering the shit out of the Fiscal Cliff negotiations at his Wonkblog ever since the creature itself first slithered out of the Black Lagoon that is Washington DC.

Tonight he’s reporting that a deal is nigh, let’s listen in:

All at once, a “fiscal cliff” deal seems to be coming together. Speaker John Boehner’s latest offer doesn’t go quite far enough for the White House to agree, but it goes far enough that many think they can see the agreement taking shape.

Boehner offered to let tax rates rise for income over $1 million. The White House wanted to let tax rates rise for income over $250,000. The compromise will likely be somewhere in between. More revenue will come from limiting deductions, likely using some variant of the White House’s oft-proposed, oft-rejected idea for limiting itemized deductions to 28 percent. The total revenue raised by the two policies will likely be a bit north of $1 trillion. Congress will get instructions to use this new baseline to embark on tax reform next year. Importantly, if tax reform never happens, the revenue will already be locked in.

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