Retraction re: Antifragile Parody

Earlier this week I wrote a satirical post in which I attempted to discuss the release of Nassim Nicholas Taleb’s new book “Antifragile” in a fun and clever way by parodying some of the excerpts that had appeared elsewhere. I have since been informed that both the author and the publisher had a concern that there may have been people who actually believed these fake passages I wrote were actual quotes from the book.

By making the quotes as ridiculous as possible, I had thought it would have been obvious to anyone that they were fake and meant in jest. In case that was not clear, I would like to explicitly state now that the quotes from my parody were 100% fake and did not come from “Antifragile”, which I had not even read yet at the time of posting.

I have removed them from my site after speaking with Penguin, I hope that this satisfies all involved. I do not wish for there to be any further confusion and I’m sorry if there may have been in the first place, it was surely not what was intended.

I wish Mr. Taleb success with his book.


Josh Brown, November 28th 2012



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