Weekend Hot Links: Get Over It

Stuff I’m Reading this Morning…

Two fund management giants predict incredibly slow growth from now unto eternity for the US. Here’s why:  (TheEconomist)

Charles Sizemore: Think Europe is a mess? Wait til you see what’s about to go down in Japan!  (SizemoreInsights)

Heidi Moore: Cyber Monday is still very much alive…  (Guardian)

Speaking of which, IBM is watching us shop online around the clock and reporting its findings on how and why we buy in real time.  (AllThingsD)

Why Bill McBride nailed the economic recovery and the doomers were so wrong.  (BusinessInsider)

Janet Tavakoli: Facebook’s still bullshit, mobile revenues and all.  (HuffPo)

Citigroup finally gets over it and realizes it sucks at the hedge fund business.  (SoberLook)

Is Google Fiber going to destroy your local cable monopoly? God I hope so.  (BusinessInsider)

Saying goodbye to television giant Larry Hagman.  (Vulture)

Charlie Sheen hooks up a fellow traveler with a huge favor.  (TMZ)

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