Saturday Night Video: RZA Makes the Greatest Film in History

OK, I have no idea if it will be the greatest film in history but it’s probably the one I want to see more than any other.  And that’s good enough to justify the title of this post.  According to my twisted logic.

Anyway, the redband trailer for The Man With Two Iron Fists just hit and it has everything – kung-fu, Russell Crowe, decapitations, bare-breasted courtesans, swords, more kung-fu, Lucy Liu, flying eyeballs, ropes of spattering blood, and so much more.  The RZA took his love for 70’s Kung Fu Cinema (an obsession I share, see my Pinterest board here) and built a feature film around it.

If it sounds similar to what Quentin Tarantino did ten years ago with Kill Bill, well, Tarantino is actually on board this one as a producer (so is Hostel auteur Eli Roth).

Anyway, here’s something to bug out to, check it out:

How sick does this look?





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