Saturday Night Video: Everybody Talks

A few things about this track Everybody Talks by Neon Trees –

First, it’s a pleasure to see/hear anything even remotely resembling alt rock in the Billboard Hot 100 these days (this song peaked at 24 so far since hitting the charts in late April).  What’s the last rock band to even get near the Top 10, surrounded as it is by a moat of pop, dance and urban-formatted stuff?  I’m thinking maybe, like, the All-American Rejects 7 years ago?!?

Second, the band Neon Trees is from Provo, Utah.  I could be wrong but couldn’t this be the first rock band ever to come out of the Church of Latter Day Saints?  No, the motherf***ing Osmonds don’t count, I said rock band.  Fun fact: The name “Neon Trees” comes from the logo of In-n-Out Burger’s logo, which the band became fixated once and it just stuck.

Third, the video is awesome, the 50’s sci-fi drive-in theater references are note-perfect.

Anyway, here’s Everybody Talks, enjoy!




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