Welcome to Twitter, Sallie Krawcheck

Hi Sallie, Welcome to Twitter!

In all my time in the wealth management industry, I’ve never worked for you, but I have hundreds of friends and acquaintances who have and they generally like you.  And in the eyes of most of us, your most recent ouster was a scapegoat thing, you were pretty much in a no-win situation (see Must Hang Sallie).

Anyway, it’s very cool to see that you’ve got your freedom now and it’s even cooler to see that you’re using your powers for good.  When I read in DealBook that you were working with smaller financial firms to figure out what’s next, I said, “can you imagine having Sallie as your consultant?”

Anyway, you get much respect for joining Twitter.  Considering that just about everyone in or from the wirehouse world is scared to death of transparency and being themselves, I give you major props.

Here are 7 quick tips to set you off on the right track:

1.  Tweet links to news stories and blog posts you’re reading at least as often as you tweet your own thoughts and bon mots.  Make your feed a must-follow by bringing timely and interesting information to your people.

2. Get a cool avatar – no blouse, no pearls, nothing corporate.  That’s for LinkedIn.  What does Sallie look like on the weekend?  T-shirt and jeans? Hoodie? Lighten up, it’s just Twitter and people in suits and ties on Twitter are Doing it Rong.

3.  Don’t ever Retweet yourself.  Cardinal sin. If you said something good, it’ll be found by others and echoed for you.

4.  Don’t be predictable with your follows – we all expect you to follow the corporate mouthpieces of Citi and Merrill and stuff and Obama and Bloomberg and CNBC, fine, you can do that.  But mix it up.  Follow Dr. Goose who does the Economic Limericks and Zero Hedge, the fallen angel who was cast out of Heaven and is now smouldering amidst a bank of Bloomberg terminals as he awaits the Financial End Times.  Be eclectic and a bit dangerous.

5. Your Followers-to-Following Ratio should be 10-to-1 or thereabouts at this stage in the game.

6.  There are other public figures who do Twitter really well – emulate them and do what they do.  Check out Neil Barofsky, former Inspector General for TARP – he is a Stadium Status presence on Twitter, funny and engaging, smart and effective.

7.  Be yourself.  When something pisses you off, be pissed off.  When you are delighted by something, tell us about it.  This isn’t Wall Street 1.0 where we all feign precision and self-importance.  This is social media, let your hair down and be yourself.  We’re psyched to have you in the community, be awesome.

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