Hot Links: It Just Got Real

Stuff I’m Reading this Morning…

Simone Foxman: So where’s that European Bazooka already?  (BusinessInsider)

Even if the IMF wanted to “save Europe” it could not, here are the numbers we’re talking about:  (BaselineScenario)

Barry: Beware the bounce that falters…(TBP)

Psst…wanna acquire Netflix ($NFLX)?  It’s now 57% cheaper.  (Bloomberg)

Policy makers may want to remember 1937…  (Globe&Mail)

JPMorgan says that Apple ($AAPL) just cut iPad orders to their suppliers…s@&# just got real.  (Bloomberg)

You know damn well that Social Security isn’t a ponzi scheme.  (TBP)

Brian Lund: How to explain short-selling to your mother.  (BCLund)

Props to Larry Silverstein, who built the 52-story 7 World Trade Center with no tenants in place – he is now open and full.  (NYP)

Erik: The Greek Tragi-Comedy has been every bit as entertaining as our own Debt Ceiling Kabuki Theater.  (MarketAnthropology)

Do NOT miss my linkfest for financial advisors this morning, it’s fully loaded:  (WSJFA)




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