Hot Links: Losing Control

Stuff I’m Reading this Morning…

Europeans ready to wage full-scale war against banks and hedge funds.  (TBP)

Moodys cuts Japan’s credit rating a notch…uh oh.  (NYT)

How big the iPhone 5 announcement for Sprint ($S)?  (AllThingsD)

Uber-Technician John Roque: No, the worst is not over.  (AllStarCharts)

Rob Parenteau: “But since QE2 obviously failed to secure ever rising equity prices and a return to trend real GDP growth, there is a dangerous question looming: what can the Fed really do?”  (CreditWritedowns)

BAC CEO Moynihan is totally losing control of the situation.  (NYP)

The dangers ahead should the bond bubble (finally) burst.  (SmartMoney)

From the media-addled mind of Dick Bove – now it’s time to buy Bank stocks!  (CNBCNetNet)

Who is the mystery buyer snapping up all those $99 HP Touchpads?  Could it be the Bearded One?  (LOLFed)

Don’t miss my daily linkfest for financial advisors this morning.  (WSJFA)


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