Hot Links: Crunch Time

Stuff I’m Reading this Morning…

Fightin’ Joe Donahue: It is what it is.  (UpsideTrader)

Kelly Evans on what to expect from today’s 2nd Quarter GDP number.  (WSJ)

Nomura: Money funds have experienced outflows of $9 billion per day this week.  (MarketBeat)

Charles Rotblut on what the debt ceiling impasse means for your portfolio.  (AAII)

With Treasurys so close to default, everyone is buying…Treasurys?  (EconomPic)

Cheer up, Apple now has more cash on hand than the Federal government.  (NationalPost)

Dino: Stock trading may be destroying our memories.  (Mixtape)

Katherine Burton and Roben Farzad wrote the best George Soros send-off I’ve read, bravo.  (Bloomberg)

My daily linkfest for financial advisers is jam-packed this morning.  (WSJFA)

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