Hot Links: Coming Out Swinging

Stuff I’m Reading this Morning…

Barry’s employment numbers preview is must-read:  (TBP)

Five reasons the Greeks and Germans hate each other.  Hilarious and smart.  (24/7WallStreet)

Buce Berkowitz comes out swinging at the AAII last night, Dave Pinsen is there and has notes.  (SeekingAlpha)

This is great – decoding Eric Schmidt (what he says versus what he means).  (GigaOM)

Wall Street is now making most of its money from trading commodities.  Hooray for financial reform!  (PragCap)

Groupon founder Andrew Mason has a cool story.  (TIME)

…and Kedrosky’s Groupon risk factor word cloud should be the cover of the company’s prospectus.  (Bloomberg)

Last Groupon link – how to write about it when you really don’t care, by Cardiff Garcia.  (FTAlphaville)

Are you going to work today?  Read this first:  (SethsBlog)

The Great Bowling Alley Heist goes down in Brooklyn.  80 grand stolen.  (NYP)

My daily linkfest for financial advisors is stocked with good stuff:  (WSJFA)

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