Weekend Hot Links: Facebank

Some Stuff You Might’ve Missed this Week…

Barry on what to make of yesterday’s jobs numbers.  (TBP)

Erik: Look to 2004 to understand how markets may react to the first rate hike.  (MarketAnthropology)

The venture IPO market for the 1st quarter was ahead of last year, here are the stats:  (AllThingsD)

Jeff Miller’s State of the Data and a look ahead (and a JB shoutout).  (DashOfInsight)

Eli Radke on trading with the concept of randomness in mind.  (TraderHabits)

Cloud fave F5 Networks was a wreck Friday, Jerry on how he played it.  (TheArmoTrade)

Bespoke’s roundup of the best performing asset classes this quarter.  (Bespoke)

Will Facebook one day be your bank?  Facebank?  (BusinessWeek)

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