Hot Links: Bloggers and Taxes and Teachers

Stuff I’m Reading this Morning…

Dynamic Hedge on that divergence in the trannies.  (TRBMixtape)

Cardiff on how us bloggers feel about the economic recovery.  (FTAlphaville)

40% of Madison, WI teachers call in sick for a protest.  Fire them all and then burn their houses down, says Mish.  (Mish)

No, Felix.  (UltimiBarbarorum)

Seth Godin: Are you being paid what you’re worth?  (SethsBlog)

Jeff Carter: Keep our exchange free of transaction taxes, thank you very much.  (PointsAndFigures)

What investors and their advisers should know about the 2012 budget.  (WSJFA)

Barry threw up a master list of trading rules.  Bookmark that, soldier.  (TBP)

What to make of Google’s new pay site solution for publishers.  (WSJ)

Matt Taibbi was unleashed on Wall Street again this week…  (Rolling Stone)

China and Brazil get even cozier as they link their exchange listings.  (beyondbrics)

Here’s why the kids keep getting dumber and dumber:  (KidDynamite)

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