Hot Links: Theater of the Absurd

Stuff I’m Reading this Morning…

Jeff Carter on the commodity bull: Price is no object, just buy.  LOL.  (PointsAndFigures)

Cullen says yes, the muni mess is ugly – but calm down.  (PragCap)

What to look for in the Wells Fargo earnings report.  (DealJournal)

Peter Morici’s Obama and Hu’s Theater of the Absurd post is awesome.  (TheStreet)

The Ghoul Trade – are RIM, Google and Microsoft shareholders hoping for the worst?  (NetNet)

Todd Sullivan explains what could happen with battleground stock St Joe ($JOE).  Shorts be careful.  (ValuePlays)

Freakonomics and the secrets behind a huge book.  (AltucherConfidential)

America’s Most Dangerous City just laid off half it’s police force.  Look out!  (ZeroHedge)

Today’s must-read: Barry asks Why Blog? (TBP)

My linkfest for financial advisors is chock full of goodies this morning…  (WSJFA)

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