Hot Links: Sick BRIC

Stuff I’m Reading this Morning…

Eric Savitz on this morning’s salacious Apple-for-Sony rumors.  (TechTraderDaily)

Meet 39 year old Todd Combs, the hedgie brought in to oversee Warren Buffett’s investments.  I know.  (DailyFinance) and (MarketFolly)

A scathing report on how badly planned and managed the TARP was/is, Geithner slammed.  (ZeroHedge) and (TBP)

Allan Sloan: The banks are getting away with murder.  (Fortune)

Dave Kansas on the possible epidemic of “Sesame Street Trades” on the exchanges.  (MarketBeat)

Another great earnings season – reams of statistics for the junkies.  (PragCap)

Russia is the “Sick BRIC”, just look at the ruble.  (StreetwiseProfessor)

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