Hot Links: Out With The Boys, Up With The Men

Stuff I’m Reading this Morning…

Cowards: An excoriation of Corporate America’s timid leadership and lack of investment.  (IWO)

Barry: Reality takes a long time to go viral.  (TBP)

Is this a Small Business Recession?  Um, yeah.  It is.  Where’ve you been?  (CuriousCapitalist)

David Merkel has a baker’s dozen of economic and market tidbits for us this morning.  (AlephBlog)

StockTwits launches an absurdly brilliant platform for public company investor relations.  No one even told me they were working on it.  (HowardLindzon)

Krugman’s lecturing us on responsible fiscal policy, take a knee fellas.  (NYT)

The Intel buyout of MacAfee was universally hated, moreso than any other deal in recent memory.  Karl Denninger’s take was probably the best.  (Market-Ticker)

The most intelligent television shows ever.  (DailyBeast)

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