Hot Links: Morlocks, Earnings, Insider Buying, Corrections etc.

Stuff I’m Reading this Morning…

Profits from Corporate America are looking more V-shaped than many thought they would.  (Bloomberg)

I didn’t know had an earnings battle going on against MarketWatch.  Cool!  (TSC)

Republicans in the SEC were against charging The Squid.  (Clusterstock)

As I noted weeks ago, LBO Morlocks are popping up everywhere.  (DealBook)

JPMorgan: Yes we will have a correction in stocks, but it should be bought.  (PragCap)

How Donald Coxe is playing this market.  (InvestmentPostcards)

Companies with insider buying.  (CNNMoney)

Securities law expert Bill Singer weighs in on the $GS complaint: “Is there a compelling legal case here?  (BrokeAndBroker)

A reminder about that pesky little Rule 10b-5 as it pertains to L’Affaire du Fabrice.  (TBP)

Back to blaming the shorts – Lehman demands information from big hedge funds.  (NYP)

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