Hot Links: ZeroHedge, Safire & Shamrock

sausageStuff I’m Reading this Morning…

Cash hoard in money market funds still bulging: Investors have cash equal to 73% of the S&P 500’s net assets.  (Bloomberg)

Must-read of the day:  New York Magazine tries to make sense of Zero Hedge.  (NYMag)

Shamrock activists tussling with Texas Industries (TXI) in the midst of Obama‘s infrastructure whirlwind.  (LAT)

Speaking of activist shareholders, Greenbackd‘s got the entire rundown of who’s going after who (whom?).  (Greenbackd)

Don Fisher, a giant of the retail and fashion business, passes away.  The founder of The Gap was 81.  (WSJ)

Barkley Rosser abuses the Washington Post for their gold investing puff piece.  H/T Mark Thoma.  (EconoSpeak)

William Safire, legendary Times columnist and a master of language, is dead at 79.  (NYT)

Contrary to blogger rumors, Jeff Macke is not broke.  In his own words:  (Clusterstock)

The fading glory of the old skool Media Moguls.  (DealBook)

Scientists discovered a whole slew of new mammals, birds, reptiles and fish in the Mekong River region last year.  (TIME)