Market Recap: Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus


The Reformed Broker, AKA Cowboy Curtis, here with today’s Market Recap

The futures were ugly, and boy was the market in for it. Banks, REITs, insurance companies…you name it, they were red. Techs took the Nazz down over 40 points as well.

Get a load of the Advance/Decline numbers at the 3 o’clock look…wall-to-wall selling:

Advancing Issues531 (14%)167 (21%)450 (16%)389 (31%)
Declining Issues3,229 (85%)581 (74%)2,293 (81%)545 (43%)
Unchanged Issues50 (1%)32 (4%)95 (3%)339 (27%)
Total Issues3,8107802,8381,273
New Highs69991
New Lows532721437
Up Volume1,008,203,068 (49%)27,077,435 (3%)78,693,155 (4%)1,286,445,104 (59%)
Down Volume1,051,690,420 (51%)892,352,762 (97%)1,716,379,444 (95%)342,030,558 (16%)
Unchanged Volume1,918,720 (0%)1,195,046 (0%)4,848,235 (0%)563,286,954 (26%)
Total Volume2,061,812,2081920,625,24311,799,920,83412,191,762,6161

Sometimes the Mega Shark wins, but sometimes, the Giant Octopus does.  Today went to the Octopus.

Thanks for reading and have a great night.