More Hot Links: Girls, Booms and Chrysler


More Hot Links for Weekend Reading

Ken Belson bring us Things to Remember the Boom By in the New York Times, a thoughtful piece in which the author notices the dozens of empty $2,625 seats at the new Yankee Stadium and remembers other items that epitomized the ’03-07 era.

That character from Fiat who is planning on buying Chrysler was profiled, also in the New York Times.  He’s basically planning on getting the 20% stake in Chrysler he seeks for nothing, zero, nada.  So if we extrapolate that and figure that 20% of Chrysler is worth $0, then what is the entire company worth?

Be careful with this one if you are at work or easily offended…Dealbreaker has pic’s of Playboy‘s The Women of Wall Street issue, including girls who work at mortgage firms, banks and trading shops.  The mini-Tim Geithners used for cover-ups are priceless/ annoying depending on your mood.