Obama's iPod Playlist for The Queen


Queen Mix, Spring 2009

Name                        Artist                           Genre                  Playcount

London Calling        The Clash                    Punk                    6

If I Were President   Wyclef Jean                 Hip Hop              3

Anarchy in the UK   Sex Pistols                   Punk                   9

Her Majesty              Beatles                        Classic Rock       4

Trouble                     Lindsey Buckingham  Classic Rock      2

Kings and Queens    Aerosmith                    Classic Rock      2

Planet Queen            T. Rex                          Classic Rock      5

U.N.I.T.Y.                 Queen Latifah             Hip Hop              9

Fat Bottomed Girls   Queen                         Classic Rock       14

Dancing Queen         ABBA                        Dance                  58

Queen Bitch              David Bowie             Classic Rock        4

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