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Hot Links for Weekend Reading:

As Dealbreaker clearly owns the Madoff Story, here is the best of their (relentless) coverage over the past week:

Check out the post about the Bernard Madoff Securities promotional item that is a must have if there are any left on EbayThe Madoff Emergency Response Kit! Can’t make that up, it’s from a time in NYC (post 9/11) when companies were giving employees branded “Go Bags” with maps, flashlights, first aid kits etc.  The irony of a Madoff Emergency Response Kit even being in existence is priceless!

Also Madoff-related on Dealbreaker this week, more photos of Madoff Family fishing trips as well as a lively discussion, inspired by everyone’s fave CNBC lunchtime host, on who should play Bernie in the TV movie that simply must be in the works.  My casting picks below:

Bernard Madoff: Dustin Hoffman

Ruth Madoff (Wife): Receptionist from Beetelgeuse (the one with smoke coming out of her neck)

Mark Madoff (Son): Emilio Estevez

Andrew Madoff (Other Son): Charlie Sheen

Peter Madoff (Brother and Vigilant Compliance Chief): Judah Friedlander

Harry Markopolos (Whistleblower): George Clooney

Bess Levin (Intrepid Reporter): Kim Kardashian

Also, don’t miss the legendary Carl Icahn‘s “The Right Way to Icahn Proof Your Board“, a common sense pitch to corporate America on how to keep guys like him, who are on the side of shareholders, away from the gates.  Interestingly enough, there’s a simple way to keep Icahn away…stop stealing and abusing and wasting shareholder money!  Whodathunkit?